Dy-K mixture lab

Our main goal is to create novel types of superfluids in a mixture of two fermionic species. According to theoretical predictions, exotic regimes of superfluidity are strongly favored if mass imbalance of the constituents is present. We have identified a mixture of Dy-161 and K-40 as a very promising candidate and we have set up a new two-species apparatus. Experiments on evaporative cooling and on the search for Feshbach resonances are in progress.

The team in the lab (17 May 2017): Emil Kirilov, Rudi Grimm, Vincent Corre, Slava Tzanova, Cornee Ravensbergen, Elisa Soava, Marian Kreyer

Our work is funded by  the Austrian Science Fund FWF within the doctoral program ALM.


Production of a Degenerate Fermi-Fermi Mixture of Dysprosium and Potassium Atoms
C. Ravensbergen, V. Corre, E. Soave, M. Kreyer, E. Kirilov, R. Grimm

Accurate Determination of the Dynamic Polarizability of Dysprosium
C. Ravensbergen, V. Corre, E. Soave, M. Kreyer, S. Tzanova, E. Kirilov, R. Grimm
Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 223001 (2018); arXiv:1801.05658