Master thesis projects

In our group master thesis projects are connected to our ongoing research projects. Within a typical thesis project, a master student builts some new equipment (e.g. a new laser source) to upgrade the experimental setup and to open up new possibilities for the experiments. Ideally, the new component is finally tested in the real experiments.

Currently available master thesis projects:

Generation of blue laser light (421nm) for the laser cooling of dysprosium atoms
(project in the Dy-K mixture lab)

Transverse cooling of an atomic beam of the rare isotope K-40
(project in the Li-K mixture lab)

General information: According to our physics master curriculum (2020W), a master thesis project consists of a research study (“Forschungsstudie” 12,5 ECTS), an introduction (“Vorbereitung Masterarbeit” 2,5 ECTS), the actual work on the master thesis (27,5 ECTS), and the final defense (2,5 ECTS). In addition, attendance of the relevant group seminar (5 ECTS) and a lecture with exercises (“Forschungsanalyse” 5 ECTS) is recommended. The overall duration of this “research phase” in the master program should not exceed one year.

For more information contact Prof. Rudolf Grimm or Dr. Emil Kirilov.