NewLanD lab

Principal Investigator: Dr. Emil Kirilov

PhD student and postdoc positions available!!!

Simulating quantum magnetism is one of the major high goals pursued currently in the field of Ultracold Atoms and Molecules. We pursue a new approach for the production of a strongly interacting quantum gas utilizing both electric and magnetic dipole moments. The scheme relies on exciting dysprosium atoms into a superposition of long-lived opposite parity states near degeneracy, a peculiarity rarely met in atoms. Our new apparatus allows the use of UV optical lattices, therefore boosting the dipolar interaction and further enables the detection of spin order atom by atom utilizing a quantum gas microscope. These tools should enable the establishment and detection of the complex phase diagrams representing the spin models of magnetism.

First NewLanD publication now on the arXiv:

Comprehensive Characterization of a State-of-the-Art Apparatus for Cold Electromagnetic Dysprosium Dipoles
G. Anich, R. Grimm, E. Kirilov

Our new glass cell for the quantum-gas microscope.